About Me

Hi I'm Xavier.

I am a software architect and tech lead living in Belgium. I started programming around the age of ten and obtained my Msc in Computer Sciences in 2010.

My background is mostly in full-stack web development, but I also have multiple years of experience working on big data batch and stream processing, implementing mission critical algorithms for 2D graphics applications, designing microservices architectures, API design, setting up continuous delivery pipelines and many more.

What I do

Lead software development teams

The majority of my time I lead development teams and build software. I help companies grow their business by choosing the right tool for the job, favoring pragmatic architecture and design over hype driven development. In today's rapidly evolving and highly competitive IT landscape, protecting the software productivity of your company is more important than ever.

Train and coach

I teach programmers how to become better at their craft. With so many online learning platforms available today, it's no wonder that the number of people that can program is rising exponentially.

Yet, being able to program is only one aspect of what it takes to become a successful software engineer. Few programmers are capable of taking a project from start to finish while also communicating effectively with stakeholders, working methodical and shipping code that lasts a decade.

I'm also a contributor at StackOverflow and once in a while I do some open-source work at Github.

Advise organisations

I had the pleasure to work in a wide variety of environments, from startups and incubators to SMEs and multinationals, across a variety of industries (finance, telecom, education, aerospace, military...) in Belgium and abroad.

Based on my experience I am able to quickly analyse a company culture and identify the subtle barriers that are holding back your team. Small changes to software or communication processes can often result in a dramatic increase of software productivity and quality, as well as increase employee happiness and collaboration between departments.


If you are interested in my professional services, contact me at [email protected].


A two page summary of my resume can be found here.


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